Konstsmide Christmas Lighting

Welcome to KONSTSMIDE Lighting your specialist Christmas Lighting shop. We have been selling outside lights for more than 20 years from our Garden Centres. We are Konstsmide Experts. Whether it's Christmas indoor or outdoor lighting, we are here 7 days a week to help you online or instore. Tel: 0121 355 7701.

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The Konstsmide Christmas range includes, welcome lights, indoor lights, outdoor lights, LED lights and twig trees. We also carry a large selection of spare bulbs.

We have all been there. We put away the Christmas lights one year only to find their not working the next. Must be the gremlins attacking them in the summer! The truth though is that the lights unfortunately were not of sufficient quality. This is often the case, more especially with low voltage Christmas lighting. The reason is simple. A product that runs from a transformer is low-voltage. These systems often use thin cables and weak construction. The manufacturers striving to drive down the costs as much as possible cut corners. Being a low voltage system the lights don't have to be built to high standards after all you can not get a shock from a poorly constructed low voltage system. So the answer is look for a mains voltage system. These, by law HAVE to be built to exacting standards. The LED extendable system is such a beast. Built to very high standards using heavyweight cable and weatherproof connectors the LED light system is robust indeed. The standard LED light strings are available in a choice of colours, red, blue, white and warm white. The big benefit is that differing colours and styles of light can safely be joined together meaning that you can run all of your outside Christmas lighting from one plug. In addition to the standard light strings the Konstsmide LED light system also offers an acrylic icicle light and the icicle strings both of which are available in either blue or white. The system also offers various connectors to split the system as well as extension cable. Konstmide are one of the most respected manufacturers of Christmas lighting in the world. Their headquarters are still where they started out in Sweden.